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Here is a example of a global policy on moonlighting applied to OWASP
Foundation (below) summarized.

There is also a link to the annual document that was approved in 2013
here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IlyfFrlQg0dznJD2MnyAd2njUETVUCiMFuUYxOI8mmQ/edit?usp=sharing

Holding a Secondary Job (Moonlighting)

While employed at OWASP Foundation, you may not conduct outside business,
including self-employment or “moonlighting,” if that business:

Interferes with the proper performance of your job at OWASP Foundation

Occurs during your normal working hours at OWASP Foundation

Uses OWASP Foundation assets

Uses confidential or proprietary information or processes that you gained
as an OWASP Foundation employee.

Otherwise creates a conflict of interest, for example:

If your loyalties or actions may be divided between OWASP Foundation and a
competitor, supplier, customer, or other entity that does business with
OWASP Foundation, or

If your role or position at OWASP Foundation will benefit the outside
business or create the appearance of an advantage.

Programming for a consulting company and using OWASP Foundation work time
for meetings or phone calls

Signing with a publishing company to write a book about a technology you
learned on the job at OWASP Foundation

Serving as a consultant or expert witness in any lawsuit or legal dispute
without prior OWASP Foundation authorization

Taking a full-time political position or using OWASP Foundation work time
to perform the duties of a part-time political position
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