[Owasp-board] Matt Harrigan and The Conservative Gateway

Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Mon Nov 14 21:49:09 UTC 2016

Dear Board,

Over the weekend the CEO of PacketSled, Matt Harrigan, lived out a graphic
fantasy of assassinating President-elect Trump on Twitter.  Later a
conservative blog listed him as a board member of OWASP due to the fact
that he lists his time on the OWASP-San Diego board (2009-20011) as a past

Since that time I have

   - Requested that the author and publisher (Jim Hoft and The Conservative
   Gateway) retract the association.  Mr. Hoft removed the information but did
   not retract it.
   - Responded individually to concerns raised on twitter.
   - Written a blog post to answer the questions coming in about this:
   - Shared the Blog Post to Twitter and FB.

We have also received requests from the contact us form.  I am responding
to them with a redirect to the blog post.

Unfortunately we have received one death threat directed at Mr. Harrigan.
I have reported this threat to PacketSled and the SFPD.

Should this situation continue to develop I will update via this thread.


Tiffany Long
Community Manager
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