[Owasp-board] 2016 Global Board of Directors Election Results

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Congratulations to all 😊 

Dhiraj Mishra
OWASP Volunteer 
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Dear OWASP Board Members, Chapter & Project Leaders, and Members of the OWASP Community,
Thank you to everyone who voted in this years Board of Directors election, your choice of representation matters. The OWASP Board consists of seven volunteers elected on alternating years to serve a two year term. These unpaid volunteers dedicate themselves to the organizational mission and playing a pivotal role in the software security community.  Members of the Global Board of Directors are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization and ensuring the financial integrity of the Foundation.  
Our thanks to everyone who stood for the board this year, your willingness to take on time consuming duties to further OWASP's mission is greatly appreciated.  OWASP is lucky to have such talented and active volunteers and we look forward to continuing to work with you.  
Our new board members for the 2017-2018 term are:
Andrew J van der Stock                 Matt Konda                    Johanna Curiel

For more information please take a moment to read their Bios and Statements of Purpose and listen to their interviews.

Thank you to Jonathan Carter for your service on the board in this last year.  

Full Election results:


Kelly Santalucia
Membership and Business Liaison

OWASP Foundation
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Direct: 1+ 973-670-5784 | Fax: 1+ 443-283-4021 

Give back, and support the open source community, become a member today!

Join us October 11-14, 2016 at AppSecUSA 2016 in Washington, DC!  Information on other OWASP events can be found here. 

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