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Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Tue Mar 29 21:24:07 UTC 2016

Thank you for the mark-ups for OWASP Logos to be used for members that
support OWASP Foundation as a authorized logo.  I like page (3) the
best of the ones submitted.

I would suggest an alternative design however that is the OWASP Logo
with the bezel with the Year and Supporting Member keeping it simply
or as a alternative option for those that want to use it


Personally I like where this is going giving members (individuals,
academia, businesses and governments) something to SHOW support and
membership of OWASP Foundation authorized and approved. (any other use
of OWASP logo would be unauthorized)

They can then apply it to anything they want to show support no restrictions.

Tom Brennan
Global Board of Directors
(d) 973-506-9304

OWASP Foundation | www.owasp.org

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Hello Tom,

As promised, here's the logo.
I did a bit of research to determine what the core symbol would be,
bearing in mind that the connection to OWASP would be done with the
main elements of it's logo: The wasp and the circle.

Most of the times the references we see of support are money, hearts,
holding hands, or something that shows appreciation through love and

This situation would require a symbol that targets the ones that
support with money, sponsors, volunteer work, the whole array.

So, I thought of hands. Not pointing hands, or holding hands, but
hands that show pride, that act as if they're holding and showing to
the world that they stay behind what OWASP stands for.

Quick to understand. Easy to read. Easy to use in anything. Either
printed or online.

I think that when you raise a open hand, showing the palm, or saying;
"I believe".

The logos are in order of preference.

The colors are consistent with the Branding Guidelines.

Let me know what you think. Either yay or nay.

Thank you!


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