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FYI - on balances. See Noreen's mail below as well.

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Yes, the zero balance ones have either spent all of their money, or are
inactive.  They shouldn’t be showing up on the spreadsheet (that is a
problem with my Quickbooks export I need to fix).

For Recife, it is inactive.

Alison Shrader

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Some other thoughts on negative and zero balances.

The Recife balance should have been zeroed out at the beginning of the
year. The board voted in October to not have negative balances which puts
the onus on both chapter leaders and the staff that approves expenses to
ensure that they don't go over budget on approved expenditures. As for
Recife in particular, my understanding is that this chapter went inactive
in May 2014 and was marked as inactive during my 2015 audit.

Why chapters might have zero balances if they have memberships? Kelly
mentioned the most likely scenario. They spent it all. Another possibility
may be for new chapters. It is possible that someone who joined as a member
of one chapter would start a new one closer to them. Membership allocation
goes to a chapter or project at the time that a person joins. If they and
any other paid members decide to join that new chapter, they can request to
change their allocation, but the share of the allocation would not hit the
new chapter until they renew.

Noreen Whysel

Community Manager

OWASP Foundation
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