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Subject: OWASP Membership
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Hi Andrew,

I was looking over the board agenda for tonights call and I came across
some items that you had added regarding membership. I would like to try and
provide some answers to your concerns since I do not think I will be able
to join the call this evening.

​I included Noreen our Community Manager who works closely with our
Chapters and I also included Alison in our Accounting Department. Both
Noreen & Alison should be able to provide some clarity to your first two

   - *Membership - why do many chapters have a -ve balance (ajv)*
         - KS - Can you let me know if is the Donation Scoreboard
         where you are seeing a negative balance for chapters?  I
looked over it and
         I found one chapter, the Recife chapter, that has -$9.39 balance.  Are
         there any others I may have overlooked?
      - *Membership - why do many chapters have a $0 balance for
      memberships when they have members (ajv)*
         - KS - only an assumption here, but I am thinking they may have
         spent all of their funds that were allocated to their chapter.
         Hoping Noreen & Alison can provide some clarity here.
      - *Membership - what can we do to encourage OWASP membership?
      Business cards with a QR code? Membership drive? Announcements
for chapter
      leaders to read out at the start of every meeting? What works? (ajv)*
         - KS - the OWASP staff had a great conversation about
         increasing membership (both individual and corporate) at our
staff summit
         last weekend.  Some of the ideas that we discussed are:
            - To hold a membership raffle every quarter starting in Q2
               - it will be open to anyone who joins OWASP as an individual
               member or renews their individual membership.
               - at the end of the quarter the those names will be put into
               a raffle and a winner will be drawn
               - prize ideas that were discusses were AppSec tickets,
               Amazon gift cards, member merchandise discounts, etc.
            - Hold an "OWASP Member Appreciation Day" at both AppSecEU 2016
            and AppSecUSA 2016.  This will hopefully encourage those
who are not
            members to join.  It is a way for us to 'give back' to our
members and
            serves as a little "thank you for your support".
               - reward our members OWASP branded shirts
                  - Lifetime members would receive our polo shirts
                  - 2 Year members would receive our tie-dye shirts
                  - 1 Year members would receive our black t-shirts
               - Offer an "OWASP Member Lounge" at AppSecEU 2016 &
            AppSecUSA 2016 *if budget, time and space permits*
               - We envision this to be a place where OWASP members can go
               to network with other peers who are OWASP members. They
can grab a beverage
               and a snack and relax.
            - Honorary Membership will be accepted year round not just
            during a period of time.
            - Corporate Membership
               - we are working on forming another level of membership that
               includes different benefits other than what is already
being offered.
               - we would still continue to offer our current 3 levels, and
               add an additional level that does not include so many
               benefits.  We hope this will be valuable for those
companies i.e.
               software developer companies who would like to support
OWASP at the
               Corporate level but are not interested in the benefits
currently being
               - reach out to those who have dropped off over the past 2
               years to see if we can reel them back in.
               - There was some talk about adding Training as a benefit to
               the current models, but before we can add it, we would
need to test it this
               year first before adding it as a benefit. This is
looking more like it will
               happen sometime in 2017, if all goes well this year.

I am ready to listen and open to any suggestions that you may have.

I hope this helps clarify some of your concerns.


*Kelly Santalucia*

*Membership and Business Liaison*

*OWASP Foundation*
*1200-C Agora Drive, #232*
*Bel Air, MD  21014*
*Direct: 1+ 973-670-5784 <973-670-5784>*

*Fax: 1+ 443-283-4021 <443-283-4021> *

*Give back and support the open source community, become a member
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership> today!*

*Join us at AppSecEU 2016 <http://2016.appsec.eu> in Rome, Italy & at
AppSecUSA 2016 <https://2016.appsecusa.org> in Washington, DC!  Information
on other** OWASP events can be found here
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_AppSec_Conference>. *
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