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All great questions. I'd direct these to Laura, Paul and the Conference

The conference process does have some rules defined, but a significant
amount of decision making (in many aspects) is delegated to the local
planning team.

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On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 3:02 AM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>

> Hi there,
> I note with frustration that again, despite the absolutely astonishing
> odds of this occurring, we seem to have ended up with 25 men and 0 women on
> the papers committee at AppSec EU.
> I will let that sink in for a second. 25 men. 0 women. 2016.
> I'm sure all of them are excellent and are doing a good job, but there has
> to be at least a few women on this planet who could and wanted to help out,
> if only they had been asked or been in the right place at the right time. I
> might not be looking at the right place, but where was the announcement to
> get on the papers committee. It's not on AppSecEU's social media feed. I've
> searched the most likely mail lists, and nothing. So how did this committee
> form?
> What do we have in place to make sure that we:
>    - Do we have a standard way of calling for a papers committee? I don't
>    see any announcement
>    - Ensure that there's at least *some* women representation on any
>    conference's papers committee?
>    - Did we reach out to or invite anyone from the OWASP Women in AppSec
>    group to be on the papers committee?
>    - Do we make sure proposals being vetted by the papers committee are
>    blind (i.e. the gender, name and bio are missing on ALL submissions)?
>    - Do we have a conflict of interest policy for PC members so they
>    can't submit papers or training? I'd hate for a new speaker or someone who
>    normally doesn't speak at OWASP conferences, like developers, have a shot
>    over someone on the PC*.
>    - Do we have a few slots available for new speakers? Do we reach
>    outside the echo chamber to fill these slots, whether by invitation or
>    invitation to submit? There are some awesome speakers at JavaOne and at
>    OSCON and at other conferences. It would be great to get some
>    inter-profession dialog going
>    - Do we reach out to OWASP Women in AppSec to outright invite a
>    keynote or two or ask for speakers to submit?
>    - Do we reach out on social media to ask new and gender diverse
>    speakers to submit?
>    - Do we make sure when the final selection is made that it's not
>    complete wall to wall male presenters?
> I am looking for answers. I will be watching the results of the paper
> selection with some interest, as we cannot ever again have a situation
> where there are no women presenting at our four major global conferences.
> thanks
> Andrew
> * Full disclosure: I have put a training submission in for the ASVS at
> Rome. I am not on the papers committee.
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