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Wed Feb 3 20:12:26 UTC 2016

Hi Board members & Owasp Community,

A look back in history, an interview
<https://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_88.mp3> done by Jim
Manico (then podcast leader) to Jason-Li , leader of the Global Project
Committee(2008-2013) regarding the importance of quality of OWASP projects
, highlights the efforts of this process.Since then we can see how hard has
been to accomplish many of the same goals.

Our  focus this year is on *infrastructure* so we can allow this process to
be driven by the community.  We have reached this partially using Openhub
<https://www.openhub.net/orgs/OWASP> for basic monitoring (which is mostly
automated, but it must be maintained : https://www.openhub.net/orgs/OWASP)

We need to focus now an infrastructure for graduation of projects.

Basically, the goals are the same as back in 2011 and the idea is, with the
criteria here :

   - https://github.com/jowasp/review-features

To automate graduation reviews and engage community by:

   - Allowing Project leaders to auto-evaluate first their projects against
   the requirements
   - Project leader submits a complete form with substantiation for each
   criteria. Form info is then publicly available online
   - Submit the auto evaluation review to a vote system to the community
   (with possibility to comment)
   - Use QA
   to test projects at quality level as a second review

As Jason-Li also commented on the interview, new projects submission should
be open available and allow community to vote on those too. We want to
introduce this again.

I contacted mr. Karl Fogel <http://www.red-bean.com/kfogel/> who has
quickly checked this criteria  and has kindly provided valuable advice. In
addition, the criteria is based on many of his concepts on successful
projects : http://producingoss.com,
but also based on the criteria already created by the Global Committee:

I would like to set this on the board agenda for the 17th February so we
can move forward on this process

Please, your input is very valuable , help drive the process and criteria
by providing comments through the github or to :

   - owasp-project-reviews at owasp.org
   - https://github.com/jowasp/review-features

Thank you for your time and consideration


Volunteer Member Projects Reviews
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