[Owasp-board] OWASP Board Vote of Confidence: Jonathan Carter

Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Tue Dec 20 18:32:07 UTC 2016

OWASP Bylaws Section 3.03:

Attendance in person or virtually by board members is required at no less
than 75% of the total meetings each year and shall be highly encouraged to
meet in person at least once annually at a date to be announced and agreed
upon. Attendance is tabulated by the Executive Director or delegate within
seven days after every scheduled meeting for the purpose of determining if
the 75% attendance requirement has been met, and the tabulation is based
upon the entire calendar year. Cancelled meetings are considered attended
for the purposes of the tabulation. Failure by a board member to meet the
75% attendance requirement after any tabulation will cause a mandatory vote
of confidence by the remaining board members, whose votes will be publicly
recorded. The vote of confidence is to take place within 21 days, but not
sooner than 7 days, of notification by the Executive Director or delegate
that a board member has not met the attendance threshold. During the first
seven days, the board member in question will have an opportunity to make
their case to their fellow board members. The vote of confidence will take
place on the OWASP Board of Directors email list, unless the Board votes to
review the matter at their next meeting, so long as the next meeting occurs
within the 21­day window. An overall vote of "no confidence" is recorded if
more than half of the board members vote for it, which causes the board
member in question to be instantly removed from their seat on the board.
Vacancies on the board are handled as per Section 3.10.

Pursuant to OWASP Bylaws Section 3.03, as board member Jonathan Carter has
fallen below the attendance requirements specified, I am officially calling
for a vote of confidence. Jonathan, you have an opportunity to make your
case to your fellow Board members.  Once you have made your case, or seven
days has passed, whichever comes first, the Board will take an official
vote of confidence via the OWASP Board of Directors email list.

Side Note: Jonathan, please do not take this personally.  In absence of an
Executive Director, with formal notice having been made now by two
Directors, a vote has to take place or we are not doing our jobs as

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