[Owasp-board] ACTION REQUESTED: 2017 Roles / Executive Director (8) Applicants

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Dec 20 13:01:47 UTC 2016


The OWASP Board had agreed in July 2016 to put forward a job description
and a budget to hire a Executive Director and after a review this morning
we have received (8) applicants, ZERO reviews and it appears we are FAILING
the community in interviewing candidates. .During the executive session on
Dec 14th https://www.owasp.org/index.php/December_14,_2016 we (Matt, Josh
and me) spoke about this however we did not have a quorum to vote on
anything or move the ball forward for the community. A recommendation was
made and we need to reconnect on this topic for a motion and a vote.

per bylaws per section 3.03. 3.04 and 3.05 and due to lack of attendance
and quorum of board members, I am requesting a emergency meeting face to
face of all elected board members to address this and related items.

Secondly per the bylaws we are now in violation of our own guidelines and
were unable to get to \ roles and responsibilities of the elected board for
2017 in November 8th then November 30th meeting for this purpose was
cancelled and finally Dec 14th we failed to address it or have quorum. .


I am in favor of a virtual meeting however as discussed on the last board
meeting I believe it is necessary to have a face-to-face off-site meeting
to align for the 2017 in Q1 2017 any location will work, CA, NJ, TX,
<insert location>.  There was also a discussion about having a 3rd party
attend and facilitate a board workshop, we could accomplish this as well.
AppSec California is coming up in January and I support using this venue to
connect the dots since it is a fantastic example of our community and we
should be supporting it  https://2017.appseccalifornia.org/

Do I have a second on the motion for the emergency meeting and to meet on
the 23rd at 2pm PST @ AppSec California in person re: email vote re:
section 3.09 of the bylaws.

Please reply:

*2017 Board Members*
- Tom - Yes/Motion
- Johanna
- Michael
- Josh
- Matt
- Andrew

Outgoing Board members for 2016 your vote is requested for the record on
this topic
- Tobias
- Carter


*** Note this has not been updated since July*


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Tom Brennan
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