[Owasp-board] Reading materials and Board agenda for tomorrow

Tom Pappas tpappas at virtualmgmt.com
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Hi Andrew I am just seeing your email now as I am out of the office on vacation this week but will be attending the board call this evening.  As for putting up the PDF’s when I am back I will connect with Kate so she can show me how to do this each month.  I had forwarded to you and Matt the Financials last Thurs the 18th before I left.  Sorry for any confusion.  Take care

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Hi guys,

The agenda was a straight out copy of July 1's meeting agenda. I've added in the minutes from the last meeting, and re-tabled old business from the July 1 meeting.

@Kate, I am disappointed that 1.5 hours before midnight the night before a 9 am Board meeting, I still don't have this month's reports from ANY of the staff up. Can you please make sure that all staff upload their reports with at least a few days before the meeting. In particular, I need Laura to attend tomorrow's meeting (23/8/2016) to discuss how we're going on AppSec USA, and what actions

@Tom, can you please confirm the item you put up is actually up. I am not sure.

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