[Owasp-board] Waspy is it a serious award?

Eoin Keary eoin.keary at owasp.org
Sun Aug 14 12:21:56 UTC 2016

Folks I won this last year and have been nominated this year "good for me" but the quality of the nominations, is it vetted at all??

I'm happy to be removed from the nominees list btw this is not any scheme, or ploy etc..

Some people have been nominated for various things but have the claims been verified by 1/2 third parties?

Some nominations are "cut and paste" for all categories? Seriously? Yes! 
Different catagories but the same text for each?? Make sense? 
I could technically nominate a fictional person I bet with no problems :)

Just curious about the vetting process, is all.
(Assuming this email shall be ignored 😀)

All the best!!


Eoin Keary
OWASP Volunteer

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