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Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Wed Apr 20 13:04:10 UTC 2016

Acknowledgement of OWASP policies for both projects AND chapters was a
topic of discussion at our staff summit.

Currently, on the New chapter application, we have an acknowledgement that
the applicant has read, understands, and will adhere to the CLH and have a
link to the handbook.  The handbook is also included in the How to Start a
Chapter instructions.

In the short term, I have added a similar acknowledgement to the New
Project Application.

I've heard reference to a docusign for leaders.  We have various docusign
acknowledgements for individuals, for example the Social Media Policy, but
have never required a docusign acknowledgement specifically for our
leadership.  Acknowledgement of the handbook has been sufficient and allows
us to manage to published policy.

We can create a docusign for project/chapter leaders.  One challenge with
that is internationalization.  Docusign is template based so, it can't be
dynamically changed to other languages.

We will begin working backwards to get a handbook acknowledgement from
project leaders, beginning with Flagships and working back to incubator.

Will have these all completed by end of May.


On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 8:25 AM, Tom Brennan - OWASP <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> Effective as soon as possible, I want projects to have a basic
> acknowledgement and agreement in place to the project leaders to register
> them and the project name to agree to the core values and principals of
> OWASP and the then current project handbook.
> This provides a management and ability to manage to published policy to
> all new project coming on board and being managed by Claudia.
> I established this process several terms ago for chapters due to them
> handling money, having a chapter handbook and a desire to track and know
> who the authoritative point of contacts were for chapters, we also do this
> for social media account access.... But not projects, and it's time to add
> it to the workflow for projects.
> Kate with all on your plate these days, please advise on when you can
> active this feature that is long overdue into the projects workflow.
> Concerning legacy projects we will do those as a reminder of $ has been
> deposited into the project account and now they must agree to use funds
> compliant with reimbursement policies already in effect.
> Thank you for helping all OWASP projects
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