[Owasp-board] Initial Funding for OWASP Bug Bounty Program

Matt Konda matt.konda at owasp.org
Mon Apr 18 15:07:09 UTC 2016


I would support putting some $ behind this.  Definitely a bounded small
initial commitment but $.  That will result in better faster feedback IMO.

I think we need to make sure we think through how it gets used.  90% to a
smaller lesser known OWASP project and 10% to ZAP for example might be a
possible problem.  Do we have a rule that project committers can't receive
bounty?  :)

We could start with a few projects and do the kudos approach and match
funds that those projects want to use.

I defer to the team that is focused here, just wanted to share my thoughts.


On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 9:06 AM, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:

> Board,
> Now that we have announced BugCrowd as our bug bounty program platform, it
> is time to take the next step of figuring out how much of a bounty we want
> to start with.  There is no minimum funding amount (we could do "kudo"
> bounties if we want) and we can scale the rewards however we would like for
> different categories.  Obviously, money equates to more motivated
> researchers.  BugCrowd's recommendation is to fund the initial pot at
> $5,000 and go from there.  I think we were originally talking about just
> leveraging a Wall of Fame to start with (ie. "kudos"), but I wanted to see
> what others thought about it.  Should we throw some money into the pot?
> How much?  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
> ~josh
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