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had a bounce, here it is again.

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Subject: OWASP Job Postings
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Attached find the configured OWASP Job Board that we are ready to push live
for your final review. Since we have had pre-approval on both of these jobs
(1) is a replacement for Noreen and (1) that is a additional FTE for OWASP
Projects this will help us recruit, screen and select the best candidate
for the role quickly

OWASP Page: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Jobs

*NOTE* If i was able to embed a script to the wiki or a iframe I could have
integrated it...


Next steps

1) Add the people to the workflows for reviews, approvals

2) Add additional questions that we want to screen for (hence please look
at this)

3) Push it live and announce it to the 45,000 community members officially
so we can complete this effort in 30-45 days.

*NO OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT until it has been tested.*

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