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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Tue Sep 29 17:50:49 UTC 2015


If possible, I'd like to vote on this before the week is up.


Does anyone have comments or feedback so we can vote on this? Here is mine.

 > Proposal 2: There should be no such thing as negative account 
balances for chapters or projects going forward.  If the intent is to 
spend more money than is currently in the account, the money should be 
taken and approved from Foundation funding sources, subject to 
Foundation approval.

I think a spending cap is important. I suggest we cap the "overage" to 
500$ just to set an expectation of responsibility.

 > Proposal 5: All requests for funding, who proposed the request, 
relevant discussions, votes around funding, and request approval/denial 
are a matter of public record and must be put in a public location that 
is easily accessible to the OWASP community.

Depending on our software, this might be labor intensive, but it 
certainly is a good idea.

>  Proposal 6: If a request for funding has been approved for one chapter 
or project, then it can be considered an acceptable expense for all 
chapters or projects.  If they have an account balance which covers that 
expense in full, then they should be considered pre-approved for spending.

Staff impact to approve of these requests could be significant. It would 
help staff if we helped provide a little more guidance as to what 
expenses can get auto-approved.

 > Proposal 7: The OWASP Foundation Staff will be responsible for 
notifying all chapters and projects of their available account balance 
on at least a monthly basis.  The notification should also include a 
reference to where they can go to find the list of pre-approved expenses.

I like it, hope we can automate this. I think we *have* to automate this....

 > Proposal 9: Any OWASP Leader can create a budget and provide it to 
the OWASP Board prior to November 1 for inclusion in the Foundation 
budget planning process.  The budget would be reviewed by the Executive 
Director and Board, and, if approved, incorporated into the overall 
OWASP Foundation budget for the following year.  This would effectively 
set aside the funds to use at the appropriate period of time, in the 
future, with no further approvals necessary.  Budgeted money that wasn’t 
spent during the calendar year would be returned back to the OWASP 
Foundation general funds.

I like this. Move it to Dec 1?


Jim Manico
Global Board Member
OWASP Foundation
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