[Owasp-board] [Governance] A Thought on Fund Request Transparency

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Sun Sep 6 17:15:55 UTC 2015

Hi Josh , Tobias and all

There are some of these data that are not correct or not updated.
Also what we missed here is a breakdown on where did the money exactly go
on for each initiative. Should we create a special category section of
these breakdowns?

What I would like to see is that when initiatives are launched, people take
the time to write clear proposals with a breakdown budget. This makes it
And the end of the project a breakdown of the actual expenses should be
provided ,and this hardly happens. I think each initiative leader should do

I'll provide this for the QA testing when all projects were demoted to LAB
on builds we did back in 2014

The following allocation was *not* used entirely for testing the projects.
Administration can verify this

*Original proposal:*

Community fund allocation as appears today. I would like to see this
June 5, 2014 Johanna Curiel Project Review Framework Beta Testing

   - Jira account has been donated by Atlassian (thanks to Norman Yue)
   - Ranorex Tool (1) license ==> USD 2,706.4(was donated by Ranorex)
   - 2 Virtual Servers(1 Linux/1 Windows) (Leaseweb) USD 130/server for 6
   months period per server/ ==> USD 262,-
   - 1 tester @USD25/hour ==> Maximum hours 160==> Total USD 4,000-

*Total budget: USD 6968.4,-*

*Actual budget used:*

   - JIRA and Ranorex sponsored with license(no cost)
   - We hired one tester for only half the time we budget(attached break
   down of hours tested, we only use 98 hours) Attached hours testing the
   builds of projects by tester:


   - We had a VM machine with Jenkins/TeamCity server for a period of one
   year USD750 (setup by Jason Johnson)

 the end we used half of this budget

Payment to tester (98 hours) = USD2450,-
Payment VM machine Jenkings = USD750
Paymnent VM machine for manual testing(Ranorex tool installed) =USD262

*Total actually used:~USD3500*

Every initiative should do this so it becomes transparent where did
actually the money go and the community also knows.


*Project summit 2015 US:*
Cost break down:

*Project Summit breakdown EU 2015*
March 3, 2015 Johanna Curiel Funding for Project Summit at AppSec-EU May
2015 $10,000 USD Foundation funded Project Support
Cost breakdown


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