[Owasp-board] Project reviews: What we did back in 2013 - 2014 - 2015 Quick Summary

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Thu Sep 3 17:54:05 UTC 2015

Hi All,

This is a quick summary of all the work we did as Project review team
(including staff) during these last 2 years at OWASP

*August - December 2013*
Team of reviewers was formed by Samantha, including me as advisor.
We focused on creating a criteria for reviewing projects and made some
reviews during this process

This is a presentation back from the Project Summit 2013 regarding the
worked we did as Advisors and review team

During this summit 2013, Chuck Cooper and I did reviews with people
assisting the summit. We accumulated a total of +/-60 reviews, processed
them and used them later on for the major review here the *results:*

Samantha created based on this information the following handbook:

Major clean up in the wiki template for projects and the OWAPS wiki
 project section was done with Samantha & Kait-Disney, and design of
banners and style by Hugo Costas. I helped changing some of the project
templates to new ones.

Sporadic reviews to keep on cleaning the inventory were done,
but always struggled to find people. By this time the only advisor left was
me. Calls were done for looking for volunteers by staff at that time.

October- November 2014
I did together a major review with Marios Kourtesis and other members ,
using this information of the reviews in 2013 for the major reviews done in
2014. Jason Johnson help us setting up also a VM with automated Jenkings so
project leaders could build their projects automatically and check for
errors, I also did some setup projects in this machine which we discontinue
using afterwards due to maintenance issues. There were leaders using this
tool and I on another VM machine with Marios for testing the projects which
we setup for 3 months that we worked on testing.
Norman Yuen helped us get a JIRA for better review process and communication

We did a major automation using Openduck
*Results 2014:*

>From there on was easier maintenance which Kait-Disney helped us review the
basic criteria, managed the communication with project leaders, maintenance
and setup with her the projects in Openduck for automated tracking:

*2015 - Present*
Kate helped us as support staff when Samantha and Kait-Disney stopped as
staff. She helped on the major part of setting and helping new project
Me and other members like Timo Goosen helped review some projects that
required. Other members contributed with their input on the list.

*Results 2015*

   - Activity level monitoring: (Last updated source code repositories
   including new projects) During the months August 2014 and present, projects
   are being added to the Openhub repository for monitoring:
   - Summary Report:
   - Some latest summary review results through the Dashboard:

I just want to make sure that is clear that I was never alone on the
 review team, I cannot take the credit for all the work many people has
done to improve this process so far and make a clean wiki inventory &
projects we have today. It can always be better off course.

So a big thanks to all those members and staff that contributed to this
task and helped support this work.

Best regards

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