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Thu Oct 29 23:03:48 UTC 2015


I was included on the email which probably leads me to believe that somehow
I'm still noted as the leader of the Developer Guide project, which has
over $5k in grant + budget money. Just in case I was pinged regarding the
DevGuide, the leaders since May are Steven van der Baan and Brad Causey.

The ASVS is really close to $5k, so I will get Dan and Jim and myself to
make up a budget anyway as I'm not sure we have any plans for an update in
the next 12 months.


On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 5:51 AM, Paul Ritchie <paul.ritchie at owasp.org>

> To Board Group list and Staff.
> Earlier today I sent out this first announcement or invitation to have our
> Project & Chapter leaders with >$5K budgets participate in the 2016
> budgeting process.  Outlined below is the email I sent out including links
> to:
> --  Info & Guidelines & Timeline
> --  Sample Excel Sheet for budget input
> --  Pointer to their Actual budgets as displayed on the Wiki
> --  Pointer to 'normal & acceptable' expenses as described in the project
> & chapter handbooks.
> Next week I will be scheduling several Conf. calls at various times to
> handle any Q&A that comes up.
> Since we have not done this with our Chapter leaders for 2-3 years, I
> would appreciate your support and update on any questions you may receive
> from the community.
> Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
> OWASP Executive Director
> paul.ritchie at owasp.org
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> Subject: Invitation to Create 2016 Budget for your OWASP Chapter & Project
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> Matteo Meucci <matteo.meucci at owasp.org>, Owen Pendlebury <
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> Keary <eoin.keary at owasp.org>, Tony Clarke <tony.clarke at owasp.org>, Seba
> OWASP <seba at owasp.org>, Erlend Oftedal <erlend.oftedal at owasp.org>,
> Konstantinos Papapanagiotou <Konstantinos at owasp.org>, Justin Clarke <
> justin.clarke at owasp.org>, Mattias Bergling <mattias.bergling at owasp.org>,
> Robert Malmgren <robert.malmgren at owasp.org>, Simon Bennetts <
> simon.bennetts at owasp.org>, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>,
> daniel cuthbert <Daniel at owasp.org>
> Cc: Ingo Hanke <ingo.hanke at owasp.org>
> Hello:
> If you are receiving this, then you are one of the Chapters or Projects
> with greater than $5,000 in your budget.  The OWASP Board wants your input
> on a Chapter or Project level budget outlining your OWASP activities for
> 2016.
> In order to make this easy, I've included a short summary of the process,
> as well as an excel sheet or sample 2016 budget template.
> Your role will be to discuss all this with your chapter leaders and
> provide a forecast of your 2016 activities for all income & expense related
> items.  The 2016 budget for your Chapter or Project will then be submitted
> to the OWASP Foundation by December 1, 2015.
> Info & Guidelines for 2016 Budget Entry
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HnWWXWnsgg2OV4WUos32mQGlVNIET6c3FaL1aUI_6uY/edit?usp=sharing>
> 2016 Budget Entry Template, Excel Format
> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RZ6Vu2yK3WMzNrLitYfJTInVcaIYbcRrLpq5n5sJNMc/edit?usp=sharing>
> *Background Info*
> OWASP Goal:  To encourage Chapters & Projects with >$5,000 in budget to
> plan their annual activities, and to encourage an increase in activities by
> using OWASP Funds ‘in their control’ to promote the OWASP Mission.
> Timeline
> • Oct. 29  Announce the program
> • Nov. 2 – 13  Schedule Conf. Calls for Q&A,  Paul to send out Invite
> • Dec. 1  Due Date for Budgets returned to Foundation
> *Supporting Tools*
> -- Guidelines for budget creation, see link above
> -- Sample excel form for budget entry, see link above
> -- What is my Budget today?  See link
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11acTOmtmBGq6-5CIGsjlEByU8POSGqda0r23VNnhEGQ/pub?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&output=html
> --  What are common and acceptable expenses at Chapter or Project level?
> See your Chapter Handbook Section 4.7 'Handling Money'.
> See your Project Handbook Section 8.6 'Project Spending Policy'
> More info to be provided during Q&A conference calls.
> Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
> OWASP Executive Director
> paul.ritchie at owasp.org
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