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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
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I asked Paul what he thinks the board should be working on. We have a 
lot going on and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. I think Paul's 
list is a great start and I'm adding this to the board wiki as a new tab 
for us all to edit and enhance over time. Love the wiki - a nice public 
place to put this.

Cool? And thank you Paul for all of these great ideas and notes. Super 


= First suggested priority of Board: ==
* What are the top 5 "Initiatives" we want, or believe the OWASP 
Community should be focusing on? (Areas that should receive our time 
effort & money.)

Other ideas for board consideration to 'lead', facilitate, participate, 
or simply encourage & others to do it (cheerlead).

= Marketing =
* General PR & Marketing the OWASP Story - Promote ourselves more!
* Crank up a Recruiting program - Both Corporate & Individual.

= Projects=
* Project Review & Project Platform - good progress, keep it going
* "more" volunteer engagement to provide more diverse review would be good.
* New Project Ideas - Where is industry going, where will it be in 5 years?
* Project Summit support & funding
* International Chapter / Region support & funding

= Training =
*  Training is OK now....but what do we want to do here?  Business as 
* Update current project level training docs, or
* Begin some form of Curriculum for Academic use?

= Wiki =
* Focused WG to take action on Wiki Cleanup & ease of use.
* Consider funding larger wiki cleanup and migration effort (Jim)

= Advocacy=
* Liaison with other Orgs
* ID those Developer groups and go to their conferences & meetings
* ...just a few, but caution is to approach 1-2 at a time and get an 
* Regulatory policy (lobbying).  OK, if its is a hot topic to 
some....then BoD should encourage it and help first set of people get 
that WG started and  provide small set of guidelines on Advocacy vs. 
* Crank out true press releases or blogs say on quarterly basis when we 
have couple public releases.
* Consider WG and provide small set of guidelines on Advocacy vs. Lobbying.

Jim Manico
Global Board Member
OWASP Foundation

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