[Owasp-board] Timing of Board meeting agenda items

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Fri Oct 16 21:54:12 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew,

you are right and I apologise.

I take your complaint to heart.
And I am very sorry that I did not manage time and agenda more properly.
Going forward we need to agree on the agenda more carefully and then 
follow it with better time keeping.
We have spend a large amount of time on discussion of only one set of 
proposals while you waited patiently to proceed to items that 
technically were brought up even earlier than others that took up our 
time. Going forward, I think we need to consider two things: 1. to 
assign duration and enforce this, and 2. possibly add an additional 
board meeting or extend the time (starting earlier or extend until 
later) to clean up our backlog.
As for confidential elements, there is email or we can call for another 
board meeting for a specific item.
Please let me know what you prefer.

Again my apologies for not enforcing our time line more strictly.

Going forward please also do not hesitate to remind us at any time if we 
deviate from the agenda or at the beginning, if the proposed agenda is 
not set appropriately and we risk not reaching points that are more 

Best, Tobias

On 15/10/15 03:43, Andrew van der Stock wrote:
> Hi Tobias,
> I really was frustrated again today that one agenda item took up 
> nearly the entire hour. We really need to work on being fair to all 
> agenda items by being more forceful on timing, or we need to extend 
> Board meetings to cope with the lesser number of items we can 
> realistically push through in an hour.
> I am sick of items that are super important getting a couple of 
> minutes at the end or pushed again and again. It's simply not 
> productive. I've got the Bylaws discussion coming up in November, and 
> we didn't even get through the old business from September this month.
> The Benchmark discussion in my view merits a special board meeting 
> before November's meeting, as I really felt that it didn't get the 
> discussion during the main time of the meeting. How far did we get 
> with the Benchmark discussion after I had to leave, and are there any 
> concrete proposals to fix the general case (rather than this specific 
> project?)
> Additionally, if I recall correctly, Jim had a confidential item we 
> had to leave from September's meeting. Is there any method we can do 
> to get that done before November?
> thanks
> Andrew

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