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So no discussion about the Benchmark project then?

I think the board _should_ discuss it, and I've explicitly asked for it to
be discussed.

I dont think I'll be the only OWASP member who will be disappointed it its


On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 10:23 AM, Tobias <tobias.gondrom at owasp.org> wrote:

> Dear fellow board members,
> for our meeting on Oct-14 and in general I have the following topics for
> your consideration:
> * structuring of meetings:
> To have a better time management, I like to introduce that we in the
> future list proposed durations to each point, one duration for you
> presenting the proposal, second duration for discussion time if a vote is
> needed - 1min
> * remove the section on chairman's and role reports and move to a topic
> based agenda (3min)
> IMO the different report sections for each board member are not useful to
> keep us efficient. I would suggest to move to a topic based agenda. Not in
> the order of roles.
> * Start of Budgeting for 2016 discussion & timeline (2min)
> This is just to announce that we initiate our budgeting phase now for
> 2016. Which needs to close by December.
> * start of review of Strategic Goals for 2015 and Discussion on Strategic
> Goals for 2016 - timeline (2min)
> This is just to announce that we initiate our budgeting phase now for
> 2016. Which needs to close by December.
> * evotes procedure: how many days should we wait between second of motion
> to give all board members time to raise discussion?
> As we like to be able to conduct evotes, it would be good to have a common
> understanding on the procedure.
> making a motion and seconding it via emails is clear. However, for the
> next step of giving opportunity for discussion before we move to vote, I
> like to hear from the board how much time we shall give to raise discussion
> elements before we progress to an evote. This is not to set a time limit on
> an ongoing discussion, but to understand the timelimit we shall set for
> silence by board members in case a topic is raised but not questions for
> discussion are raised by board members before we can progress to an evote.
> * bylaws: term limits (will raise in seperate email, 5 min, initial
> discussion, vote could come next month or via evote)
> Best regards, Tobias
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