[Owasp-board] OWASP Funding Proposal

Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Thu Oct 8 03:54:20 UTC 2015


Almost two weeks has past since my funding proposal was put on hold at the
September Board Meeting.  It's been put out for the community to comment on
and, after some discussion, I made a couple of subtle tweaks for
clarification purposes to proposals 9 and 10, but it is otherwise pretty
much the same proposal as what I had originally presented.  We have had a
couple of members of the community communicate in favor of the plan.  The
two dissenters, Azzedine and Richard, have been addressed after a
clarification of the wording and intent.  The only Board member who I have
received feedback on it during this time period is Jim, and I believe he
stated that his issues have been sufficiently addressed.  Are there any
other concerns out there before it can be brought to a vote?  Here are the
current proposals:


If there are no further comments and we feel that two weeks is a sufficient
time for feedback, then I would like to proceed with an e-mail vote so that
we do not have to waste additional time on it during the October Board
Meeting.  Thoughts?

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