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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Thu May 28 14:23:55 UTC 2015

+1 Matt.

We have a mission to steer clear of endorsing commercial companies. This 
is a very important factor in keeping our volunteers motivated and 
willing to help us meet the OWASP goals of "everything free and open" 
around spreading AppSec awareness.

I question the whole program around co-marketing with commercial 
conferences since it's pretty much an endorsement of their conference.

So while we should be sending folks to developer conference to spread 
awareness, I would prefer to limit "conference marketing partnerships" 
with conferences that are open source and largely non-commercial.

But make no mistake, I think Matt's take on the RSA issue is pretty spot on.

So to board members who are actively doing things like making 
partnerships with commercial companies, or trying to steer us in the 
direction of delivering commercial services, I ask you to please 
re-focus on free and open as well as vendor neutrality.

Jim Manico

On 5/28/15 4:00 PM, Matt Konda wrote:
> Hi.
> Building on an interesting question Fabio raised around talking with 
> the RSA conference organizing committee to explore potential 
> collaboration, here are my thoughts:
>  1. I have no problem with having a conversation.
>  2. I don't see RSA as strategically aligned with our objectives so I
>     wouldn't necessarily be inclined to invest a lot of money or time.
>  3. I would tend to favor targeting active efforts and investments
>     toward developer conferences and cross pollination.
>  4. Of course, RSA is a huge, vendor friendly conference so to the
>     extent that we can achieve mutually beneficial results that
>     advance our objectives (raise membership, increase involvement,
>     etc.) without a very significant investment I would be open to it.
> I just think we have to weigh the pros / cons of the setup and make 
> sure we don't lose sight of our key goals.
> I hope this makes sense.
> Matt
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