[Owasp-board] call for topics for next months OWASP Community update on April 14

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Wed Mar 25 20:24:24 UTC 2015

Dear fellow OWASPers,

I plan to do a community update (as we did a couple last year) using 
Google Hangout next month on April 14.

*I am hereby inviting for topics for the community **update. *

Please write to me with topics you would like to hear or even inform to 
the community.
I plan to host this with several shared speakers, not only me speaking. 
So I invite you for the call for topics.

 From my side some of the topics I like to talk about are:
1. strategic goals and involving our volunteers for leading and driving 
these into 2015
2. AppSec EU and US conferences
3. discussion of strategy change for conferences in 2016 (Michael?)
4. Women in AppSec programs (?)

Other topics?
- Updates from Paul (as ED),
- Noreen (on community and chapters)
- Joanna (on projects).
- ...?

The call will be 1hour, so each item shall be not too long.

*Please send me your proposals**until April 7th. (with topic and 
duration in minutes)**
Thanks, Tobias

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