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Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Tue Mar 17 00:15:09 UTC 2015

Dear fellow board members,

we finished our process of community input and review rounds for our 
strategic goals 2015.
As in the last round there was no further feedback, I hereby like to ask 
for your evote to approve our strategic goals for 2015.
Please do submit your vote as soon as possible.

Tobias   [yes]
Josh      []
Fabio     []
Matt      []
Andrew  []
Jim         []
Michael  []

*2015 OWASP Strategic Goals – Final **Version for evote**

*1. Build a scalable OWASP training program that spreads security 
training around the world**

  * Metric - Quantity & Geographic Distribution:  Hold at least 2 Global
    AppSec Training conferences (US & EU), include training in LATAM and
    AsiaPac Tours in 2015, and support over 50 Chapter training events
    (live or online) during 2015.
  * Metric – Charitable, Not for Profit Training:  Organize, promote &
    implement ‘free to attend’ training events - live or online.
  * Metric:  Track & report on new OWASP related curriculum, and
    translations of current curriculum.
  * Metric:  Track OWASP presence at developer events and conferences.
    Example - Speaker or Developer Training sessions. (secondary
    benefit: leverage that presence with booth and information about OWASP)
  * Board & Community Sponsors: Andrew van der Stock, others TBD
  * Foundation Support:   Foundation sponsored Events management,
    Foundation sponsored reimbursement for Speaker/Training travel
    expenses, Foundation supported tools including wiki documentation,
    webinar access and YouTube postings.

*2. Strengthen OWASP chapters and increase Chapter’s abilities to spread 
message of OWASP through locally organized and run events.**

  * Metric: Chapter participation in at least 60 local events (events
    hosted by chapter or chapter participation in a non-OWASP
    outreach/AppSec event) by the end of the year.
  * Metric: Hold at least 3 virtual chapter leader meetings in addition
    to in-person chapter meetings (at global AppSec conferences) to
    promote more collaboration and support between chapter leaders
  * Metric: All chapters with funds in excess of $5,000 to be engaged in
    annual budgeting by submitting high level summary of 2015 Chapter
    activities and how funds are projected to be used in support of
    Chapter & Foundation Goals.
  * Board & Community Sponsors: Matt Konda, Josh Sokol, others TBD
  * Foundation Support:  Local/Regional Events management and sponsor
    support, Events registration & financial support, wiki documentation
    & support for continuing language translations, Updates to Chapter
    leader handbook and Branding Tools/Guidelines, Updates to ‘How to’
    Guides and New Chapter training materials, Continuous posting of
    Chapter budgets & transaction details, Foundation Contract &
    Co-Marketing support, Foundation Community Manager.

*3. Mature the OWASP Projects Platform: Provide the OWASP projects 
community a mature project platform to encourage senior developers to 
participate in the various and many OWASP projects. *

  * Metric: Identify and engage with at least 5 developer conferences to
    assist OWASP participation in developer conferences, with either
    free or paid training or speaker slots or track
  * Metric:  OWASP presence at 100 developer events.  Example - Speaker
    or Training sessions, booth presence, or other co-marketing
  * Metric: TBD re: definition and metrics in support of a ‘mature
    project platform.
  * Board & Community Sponsors: TBD
  * Foundation Support:  Project Coordinator on staff,  Foundation funds
    for project support via Community engagement,  Foundation
    reimbursement for Speaker travel expenses, Foundation support for
    Project Summit events, Foundation support for IT support of systems
    used by Project teams.

Thank you very much and looking forward to launching our focus on these 
exciting goals for 2015.


Tobias Gondrom
Chairman OWASP Global Board
email: tobias.gondrom at owasp.org <mailto:tobias.gondrom at owasp.org>
mobile: +852 56002975
mobile: +44 7521003005
skype: tgondrom
twitter: @tgondrom

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