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Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Wed Mar 11 01:33:58 UTC 2015

OWASP Foundation even with its amazing progress since 2001'  has fallen
victim to security people talking to security people (aka: echo chamber
effect) this discussion is GOOD but one of the strategic goals is outreach
in particular to developers  about building-security-in when staring new
projects or working on existing ones.

So why not experiment with a *Hackathon* at AppSecUSA not a Capture the
Flag (CTF)  they are *very different.*

Introducing Sabeen at Angel Hack http://angelhack.com take a look.... check
out what they are doing for Mastercard http://mastersofcode.com/events/

Sabeen the founder is located in San Fran (**Michael around the corner from
you physically) and I was talking with her tonight about 2015, 2016 and
other events.

Adding a turn-key module like this would be a bolt on to OWASP AppSec
events and would generate a large awareness, more sponsors, more attendance
to training and conference directly to the developer community that is
inline with the charities mission in raising visibility for software
security.  She does them turn-key and perhaps a perfect bolt on to x3 the
size  of AppSec events.

Throwing it out on board list to everyone and especially to Michael as
conference chair of appsecusa 2015 to noodle.  2016 will be here before you
know it and right now we don't even have a host chapter so its time to

Discussion welcomed from the board members - move to leaders list if there
is consensus.

Elephant in the room for some is always $ well that is simply, 50k +/- per

*Semper Fi,*

*Tom Brennan *

*973-202-0122 <973-202-0122>*
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