[Owasp-board] OWASP Summer Code Sprint Proposal

Bev Corwin bev.corwin at owasp.org
Wed Mar 4 18:41:31 UTC 2015

+1 - I can support, but cannot lead.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:16 AM, Konstantinos Papapanagiotou <
Konstantinos at owasp.org> wrote:

> The GSOC org admin has nothing to do with funding or deciding who gets the
> slots. Last year all projects got the slots they asked for apart from
> Hackademic who got one less.
> Anyway I really like the way this conversation is going, with all the
> brainstorming and the ideas that are being proposed. I would suggest that
> Fabio or another volunteer (since apparently there is a consensus that I
> have a conflict of interest) puts together a proposal and then the board
> can decide and vote on the fund allocation. Several leaders have already
> expressed interest to support a program similar to GSoC so my opinion is
> that it will be of benefit for the community.
> Kostas
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