[Owasp-board] Update on 2016 AppSec Conference & 'Call to Host'

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Mon Mar 2 16:27:04 UTC 2015

Yes, the tour concept is probably more effective for the Asia region.
People indeed travel much less across the region compared to Europe or 
USA. And for some countries there are Visa hurdles, etc.

Having said that, Japan pulled off an exceptional Asia AppSec last year 
in Tokyo. And I believe it also gave the Japan chapter an exciting and 
well deserved further energy boost. To some degrees AppSecs can be 
virtuous cycles. :-)

My ideal goal is to have an AppSec AsiAPAC and and Asia tour to help 
promoting it across the region. However only few of the chapters in Asia 
have a strong number of active volunteers to help organise and run an 
AppSec. (after all, the effort the org team needs to put into this is 

Sadly, for 2015, we will not have an AppSec in Asia and I plan to have 
an Asia tour again in Q4 2015. Though we definitely need volunteers and 
speakers to help with that.

Best regards, Tobias

On 02/03/15 22:34, Helen Gao wrote:
> Hi Andrew and the the board.
> I agree with Andrew that the tour concept might be a good choice for 
> AsiaPac too. I will support the board's decision which I hope will be 
> based on the feedback of local chapters in the area. If the board need 
> my help in getting a consensus of the region then just let me know.
> Helen Gao
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