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johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Tue Jun 30 10:01:16 UTC 2015

Hi Claudia

It was nice chatting with you yesterday, and I though also about some core
ideas that are surrounding Projects 'issues', now with you on board, you
can  help us pull off these targets. I have also helped here and there with
some core tasks but the need of a coordinator to take full control over
this is essential

*Project Reviews*
We need a clear promotion regarding this process. Right now , we do an
assessment based on request done by leaders but every 3 to 6 months, we try
to promote certain projects that are working hard to get things done. I
would like very much that those request go through you, so you can follow
up the communication with the leaders requesting this, and also follow up
wit the review team.

*New Project Submissions:*
I believe Kate has been working on this part, so she can handle over this
within the process in OWASP (salesforce etc). Keep in mind that approving a
new project, creating a wiki and eventually a github account is part of
this process. The project review team helps evaluate the request, that's
all, but the entire administration of this task is handle by the
foundation. Especially keeping track of the request. I have been helping
with the wiki part too but this process will be handle completely  by you

*Support Project leaders understanding the funding process *
I think you can get better information from Kate regarding this process,
but basically I get a lot of questions regarding how to start a project,
get funding for activities etc. I''ll fwd this questions to you from now on.

*Support project leaders with initiatives (Summits, Management of their own
project etc)*
Many leaders are in need of guidance. I think if you can provide this
guidance from the project management point of view, it will help them
understand how to accomplish much better their goals and get their projects
to better quality. And off course, the summits are an important part. I
helped this this year's summits but I think definitely we need someone that
can help organize them at a higher level


This is some of the initiatives we have trying to pull of, hope you can
help us:

*Project Website based on audience*
This has been a project, to organize the Project inventory based on the
audience. We wanted to create a website but we never pulled off this
initiative. I have the content I can help with. This is just the concept
but we want to extend the concept based on this infographic:

I hope you can help us set a project plan to get the website off the
ground. I have the content, we need web designer and budget for this

*Get More funding for projects*
I would like to work on a way that projects get more funding or sponsors.
Big OWASP chapters are able to pull off more funding thanks to their
membership payments and APPSEC activities but Projects do not have a
similar way of getting funds. Maybe the summits such as OPENSAMM style
could help us get better funding. Any ideas welcome but I hope you can help
us brainstorm on this


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