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A polite counterpoint. This checklist does not address any of the modern 
javascript frameworks or modern identity methods (saml, oauth, oidc, 
etc). These items are very important for secure coding today.

I would love to see this checklist undergo a cleanup and update.


On 6/22/15 5:55 PM, Matt Tesauro wrote:
> Johanna,
> Generally speaking, I think the work with Project Review team has been 
> stellar and the use of OpenHub is extremely useful.
> I do think there's a big difference and gap in accuracy between 
> "code-ish" projects and documentation projects.  If all docs were 
> written in a markup and stored in Git, then we'd be in a better 
> position but that is not the usual situation - more like a extreme 
> statistical outlier.
> The one place I've seen this not work - and I preface this with the 
> fact that one specific case does not invalidate the entire process - 
> is the Secure Coding Practices Quick Reference Guide [1].
> This is listed as a "Low Activity Project: on the project page: 
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Project#tab=Project_Inventory
> However, this project is still VERY useful and I continue to recommend 
> its use today.  It was very solid when Boeing donated it to OWASP and 
> really hasn't _needed_ activity to remain useful.  While most 
> projects, especially coding projects, deteriorate over time and 'get 
> stale', some projects like this don't require much care and feeding to 
> remain useful.
> I worked on the Global Projects Committee (GPC) when it existed and 
> this was a problem at that time as well.  Its very hard to find ~the 
> one metric~ or set of metrics which work well across the diversity of 
> our projects.  We created separate criteria for projects vs code and 
> even that really isn't a 100% method to categorize projects - there 
> are things which don't fall cleanly into either category - like the 
> OWASP WTE - its a collection of easy to consume tools and 
> documentation and some automation/code to package those things up.  Is 
> that code or a doc?  Who knows.  How about the OWASP Legal Project?  
> Its sort of a doc but not entirely.
> If I had the magic answer I would have proposed it long ago on the GPC 
> - its something you will struggle with.  I just want to make sure that 
> we don't inadvertently 'down grade' projects which don't fit the 
> metrics well but are still useful.
> And, I agree 100% that project review is a VERY LABOR INTENSIVE 
> process.  Maybe we need to round up some college kids and find a way 
> to non-financially reward them for doing some project reviews for the 
> Foundation.  That's not a bad pool of pretty smart people who 
> generally have some spare time on their hands and are looking for 
> resume/vita building activities.
> Cheers!
> [1] 
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Secure_Coding_Practices_-_Quick_Reference_Guide
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> -- Matt Tesauro
> OWASP WTE Project Lead
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Live_CD_Project
> http://AppSecLive.org - Community and Download site
> OWASP OpenStack Security Project Lead
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_OpenStack_Security_Project
> On Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 3:56 PM, johanna curiel curiel 
> <johanna.curiel at owasp.org <mailto:johanna.curiel at owasp.org>> wrote:
>     Matt
>     Yes indeed. In 2013 a Project Review team created this criteria( I
>     was one of them)
>     https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1upIyG0L-P-myUM6EPg0aJmCTDvJrdqaVdnjdNBME9is/edit?usp=sharing
>     We have been using automated tools for tracking like Openhub and
>     SWAMP, but checking quality of documentation and testing is more
>     labor intensive.
>     Timo for example, is a developer and has been giving a hand on
>     this, as myself and when we hired a Tester to help us out with
>     project reviews last year.
>     Still, like mentioned before, is labor intensive. We are looking
>     at ideas to help us automate as possible, but the human component
>     is indispensable so far.
>     regards
>     Johanna
>     On Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 4:37 PM, Matt Konda <matt.konda at owasp.org
>     <mailto:matt.konda at owasp.org>> wrote:
>         Johanna,
>         This is cool.  I hadn't seen this view yet.  Do we have a way
>         to establish maturity of documentation, testing, issue response?
>         I am interested to chat more sometime.
>         Matt
>         On Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 4:13 PM, johanna curiel curiel
>         <johanna.curiel at owasp.org <mailto:johanna.curiel at owasp.org>>
>         wrote:
>             Hi MAtt
>             Not sure if you are aware, we are using Openhub to track
>             projects. It gives us a quite complete report of the
>             activity level of all the OWASP projects using an open
>             repository so we can track then.
>             https://www.openhub.net/orgs/OWASP
>             Inline image 1
>             I try to register them here and keep track. The main issue
>             is empty projects but we have reduce significantly the
>             amount of empty projects, however, there are some
>             beginning with some lines of code and this is what still
>             concern us, because a few pages of text or some lines  of
>             code cannot be really consider a 'project'. This is where
>             Timo and other members have expressed their concern.
>             I would like to discuss further your ideas on how to
>             improve the project platform faster and get more quality
>             project  to certain status
>             regards
>             Johanna
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