[Owasp-board] Higher Criteria on Starting projects

Eoin Keary eoin.keary at owasp.org
Mon Jun 22 08:23:35 UTC 2015

Cool stuff. I'm unsure the correlation between activity level and quality is correct.

Having weaker and stronger projects is per bell curve we will always have that. Hopefully more weaker will become stronger over time.

The day we don't have active incubator projects is a day to worry about the health of OWASP as a whole. 
IMHO project status is a strong indicator of how OWASP is doing.

Eoin Keary
BCC Risk Advisory - edgescan CTO
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> On 21 Jun 2015, at 23:13, johanna curiel curiel <johanna.curiel at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hi MAtt
> Not sure if you are aware, we are using Openhub to track projects. It gives us a quite complete report of the activity level of all the OWASP projects using an open repository so we can track then.
> https://www.openhub.net/orgs/OWASP
> <Screenshot 2015-06-21 16.11.19.png>
> I try to register them here and keep track. The main issue is empty projects but we have reduce significantly the amount of empty projects, however, there are some beginning with some lines of code and this is what still concern us, because a few pages of text or some lines  of code cannot be really consider a 'project'. This is where Timo and other members have expressed their concern.
> I would like to discuss further your ideas on how to improve the project platform faster and get more quality project  to certain status
> regards
> Johanna
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