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Attached the findings by Marios Kourtesis

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> Dear Task Force members and Board
> Over the last year, we have had a close look to the Hackademic project.
> Last year we did a testing during the month of October , executed by
> Marios Kourtesis and I. This year, Timo Goosen also did an evaluation on
> this project during the Project Summit EU.
> From the evaluations we could conclude the following:
>    - The project lacks documentation in order for first time users to
>    install and to build this properly
>    - The project does not have any developments except during the Google
>    summer of Code last year. You can see their contributions on their main
>    development branch here. Basically almost none(see attached image)
>       - https://www.openhub.net/p/hackademic
>    - I requested an update regarding their developments but never
>    received an answer on this
>    - Timo Goosen spent quite lot of time during the Summit working on
>    their project, developing documentation for them which they never updated
>    their wiki and use it
> Now this project is getting the sponsorship for the Summer of code when
> they hardly work on their development and to us it lacks a certain level of
> maturity and robustness which unfortunately there are other projects in
> incubator stage that are much better and more mature than this one.
> I strongly advise the board that before taking major decisions to spend
> money in activities for projects lacking a clear strcutural development ,
> to take the time and evaluate if the project deserves it.
> I think there are many other projects that can use that money and have
> shown committed and responsive project leaders
> Regards
> Johanna
> HACKADEMICS activity over the past 2 years:
> [image: Inline image 1]
> Johanna
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