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Matt Konda matt.konda at owasp.org
Fri Feb 27 12:51:01 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

I noted to Josh and Tobias around the 1 on 1 call this week that when I
look at the minutes from the last few OWASP Board meetings, there are very
few "actions" in the sense of things that we vote on and make decisions

I feel one reason for this may be that a number of the topics we are
discussing are still raw and open when they come up for discussion.  I also
think that it is unclear which things are ready for voting and which aren't.

I was wondering if we could adopt a slightly more formalized pipeline of
"key business" and ask "sponsors" (us, leaders, staff) to prepare something
a bit of background on them to try to encourage us to handle that key
business up front.  This is mock up example:


I'm all for having discussion (and I think a number of the current threads
are really useful) and I would also say that joining the weekly calls has
been really helpful but I just want to encourage us to all do a little more
work in the background before the meetings so that we can tie up really
important things for the foundation.

For example, I think in the next meeting we should aim to have voted on:
1.  Project summit budget
2.  Strategic goals
3.  Virtual / Insperity
4.  Inclusion
5.  How we handle AppSecUSA in the absence of a chapter taking the lead
6.  Any hiring / job business
7.  Dev focused website (my new business)
8.  ...

To the extent that we can get the community to engage and be more active so
that there are more issues to discuss and vote on, I think that is a good
thing.  Of course, hopefully most things the foundation does shouldn't ever
be subject to a board vote - but for those that are, we may be able to make
ourselves crisper with a little process.

What do you all think?

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