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Hi Azzedine

Thank you for the update, sorry to hear you wont make it and a lot of
success with the talk

Don't forget to update your wiki with this info :)



On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 6:14 AM, Azzeddine Ramrami <
azzeddine.ramrami at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi Johanna,
> I will not be available during this period. So please move OWASP CSRFGuard
> from the list of the project.
> I will present it at DEVOXX 2015 (www.devoxx.fr) in a talk on Java Secure
> Coding.
> Regards,
> Azzeddine RAMRAMI
> On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 12:55 PM, johanna curiel curiel <
> johanna.curiel at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Dear Project leaders
>> One of the requirements in order to support your traveling cost to the
>> summit is, to have a clear agenda with outcomes during the sessions
>> Please provide us with an agenda next week, so we can publish this on the
>> wiki page  of the summit. Projects that fail to send an agenda would
>> unfortunately not get sponsorship.Some of you will not make use of the
>> sponsorship bucket for traveling , however we want to be able to provide a
>> coffee break and a nice conference room to work on your session ;-)
>> Keep in mind , this is not showcase (as similar to APPSEC EU Cambridge)
>> this is a summit where it is expected:
>>    - That you have an audience or  a team of volunteers present during
>>    the summit
>>    - Work on specific goals during the summit to produce a defined
>>    output for your projects
>>    - Example:
>> You will have a session with your team or attendees  to clean up and
>> update your wiki page, create better documentation for users, invite
>> attendees to review your projects, discuss with your peers about how to
>> improve the development process
>>    - Attend one of the summit session specific designed for projects
>>    (21st May)
>>    - Discuss with other project leaders about the actual situation of
>>    projects
>>    - Deliver at the end of the summit a summary of the goals and
>>    achieved items
>> One of the biggest concerns for some of your projects is the lack of good
>> user documentation.I would strongly advise to create sessions with
>> attendees  to:
>>    - Provide feedback of your wikipage to first time users
>>    - Identify what do you need to improve
>>    - Work on those improvements
>>    - Create an environment where attendees can test and see your project
>>    - A feedback form regarding your project
>>    - Create an issue list of the identified issues
>> Many students will be walking around, you might want to create a session
>> to attract students participate on the Gsoc program.
>> This is just an example of the sessions you can hold. Create a program
>> for 1 day, send the program to me and we will make sure that this is
>> published through different communication channels so we get a group of
>> volunteers attending the summit to help improve the projects.
>> Place will be limited to 20 attendees per session. On the 21st and 22nd
>> we can make available one conference room to work on the results and you
>> can invite and have one to one sessions with volunteers or attendees. This
>> is in a more intimate setup.
>> May 20th
>> Agenda for project leader sessions
>> (Your Agenda here)
>> May 21st
>>    - Actual situation of projects==> 25 min presentation about the
>>    results of the last Project review, and release report about the active/
>>    inactive projects per category
>>    - Security Gaps(25 min presentation): Security issues that no project
>>    has explored so far. Potential source of inspiration for new projects
>>    - Forum discussion with project leaders==>(1 hour session) Why my
>>    project is not moving forward? What can be done to help improve my project?
>> May 22nd
>>    - Project Review: Actual issues and improvements (Timo + Johanna +
>>    Jim)
>>    - Project review with the public (Timo+Johanna): We will have a
>>    selected group of attendees provide a feedback through submit forms
>>    (paper/online) of the actual Flagship and LAB projects. We will use these
>>    results for our final report.
>> Please, suggestions and ideas are welcome
>> Best regards
>> Johanna Curiel
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> Azzeddine RAMRAMI
> +33 6 65 48 90 04.
> Enterprise Security Architect
> OWASP Leader (Morocco Chapter)
> Mozilla Security Projects Mentor
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