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Mon Feb 16 11:55:08 UTC 2015

Dear Project leaders

One of the requirements in order to support your traveling cost to the
summit is, to have a clear agenda with outcomes during the sessions

Please provide us with an agenda next week, so we can publish this on the
wiki page  of the summit. Projects that fail to send an agenda would
unfortunately not get sponsorship.Some of you will not make use of the
sponsorship bucket for traveling , however we want to be able to provide a
coffee break and a nice conference room to work on your session ;-)

Keep in mind , this is not showcase (as similar to APPSEC EU Cambridge)
this is a summit where it is expected:

   - That you have an audience or  a team of volunteers present during the
   - Work on specific goals during the summit to produce a defined output
   for your projects
   - Example:

You will have a session with your team or attendees  to clean up and update
your wiki page, create better documentation for users, invite attendees to
review your projects, discuss with your peers about how to improve the
development process

   - Attend one of the summit session specific designed for projects (21st
   - Discuss with other project leaders about the actual situation of
   - Deliver at the end of the summit a summary of the goals and achieved

One of the biggest concerns for some of your projects is the lack of good
user documentation.I would strongly advise to create sessions with
attendees  to:

   - Provide feedback of your wikipage to first time users
   - Identify what do you need to improve
   - Work on those improvements
   - Create an environment where attendees can test and see your project
   - A feedback form regarding your project
   - Create an issue list of the identified issues

Many students will be walking around, you might want to create a session to
attract students participate on the Gsoc program.

This is just an example of the sessions you can hold. Create a program for
1 day, send the program to me and we will make sure that this is published
through different communication channels so we get a group of volunteers
attending the summit to help improve the projects.

Place will be limited to 20 attendees per session. On the 21st and 22nd we
can make available one conference room to work on the results and you can
invite and have one to one sessions with volunteers or attendees. This is
in a more intimate setup.


May 20th

Agenda for project leader sessions
(Your Agenda here)


May 21st

   - Actual situation of projects==> 25 min presentation about the results
   of the last Project review, and release report about the active/ inactive
   projects per category
   - Security Gaps(25 min presentation): Security issues that no project
   has explored so far. Potential source of inspiration for new projects
   - Forum discussion with project leaders==>(1 hour session) Why my
   project is not moving forward? What can be done to help improve my project?

May 22nd

   - Project Review: Actual issues and improvements (Timo + Johanna + Jim)
   - Project review with the public (Timo+Johanna): We will have a selected
   group of attendees provide a feedback through submit forms (paper/online)
   of the actual Flagship and LAB projects. We will use these results for our
   final report.

Please, suggestions and ideas are welcome

Best regards

Johanna Curiel
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