[Owasp-board] Project Summit countdown

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Sat Feb 7 19:47:29 UTC 2015

Board and Project Leaders

After a first call to get people to assist and participate into the Project
Summit NL, only 2 major projects(Flagship) have reacted and would like to

   - OWTF

Right now we have 2 rooms available for this day-20th May (Martin please
confirm if this is still the case)

For the rest I think we definitely need to breed in new life into projects
participation. It can be that for projects with leaders located in USA, it
will be more convenient to have a small summit there specially for them or,
we can try to promote participation to projects (looking for volunteers,
starting a project etc).

So far , I don't think we can call this a Project Summit , and it might get
down to ZAP/OWTF summit

In that case is essential to know:

   - Identify how many people will be assisting to the ZAP and OWTF session
   - IF Traveling tickets and accommodation could be paid for ZAP/OWTF
   - Coffee break sponsorship for the attendees of this summit

That will basically resume the costs. based on this low attendance I don't
think I'll be present in Amsterdam.

I think we need to think of another strategy to promote Owasp projects
through summits if we want to continue with this. What do we want to
achieve indeed?

My impression is that no new innovative projects are being started at OWASP.
We definitely need new 'blood' and innovative thinkers


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