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Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Tue Dec 15 03:42:55 UTC 2015

Like everyone on the Board I am primarily concerned with the organizations
decline of our most valuable asset and the ELEPHANT that is and has become
projects. The lack of incentive of OWASP projects is exactly why some
people have NOT made there open-source project a OWASP project. The amount
of red-tape is also why there has been a low number of new projects and a
increase in stalled projects.

Therefor I will raise my hand and will take on task to FIX OWASP's biggest
issue with support from peers on the board and community to clear the road
and radically improve the platform for OWASP Projects.

For the record as there seems to be some confusion about this fact....  I
have dropped the agenda item to move OWASP Foundation from a 501(c)3 to a
501(c)6 after council by the newest member to join our active local chapter
team Mr. Khizar Sheikh Esq.

This process however will not be a passive endeavor for anyone.  IMHO
projects MUST be defined as the number #1 2016 strategic goal of the
foundation to stress this point to the 45,000 observers and 2500 members
and changes should be expected by task force consensus.

- I will embark on the gamification assessment and recommendation project
immediately with both community and contractor to ultimately high light
positive and active participants in the back office process leveraging
deployed technologies SF/NGO in particular.

- drive a sprint and publish a revised process to the community and feature
it for all project types and categories including promotion of the processes

- drive enhanced and policy driven integration of projects into chapters
globally by geographic region.

- appoint regional task forces for 2016 successful project members and
volunteers worldwide and empower them to drive local projects they work
great and empower the local region passion

1) Asia-Pacific Advisory Council (APAC)
2) North America Advisory Council (NAAC)
3) Europe Middle East and Africa Advisory Council (EAC)
4) Latin America Advisory Council (LAAC)

(Just saying the above group names outloud, the people whos names to mind
that are active LEADERS, YES THEM, they are the advisory council appointed
by YOU the board. Nominated, seconded done at the next meeting. BTW This is
not a committee this is an appointed role for blood sweat and passion that
is identified and recognized.  We will have metrics to clearly see this
every year just the like WASPY awards this should bubble up from the
community metrics and nominations from every chapter globally.  These group
are also very important to the ecosystem of OWASP and they get together 1x
per year regional summit leaders and 1x per year as a big group (global
summit leaders) at AppSecUSA reasonable flight and shared accommodations
offered as a honorarium.

- ensure that OWASP projects are the primary focus and FEATURED at all
OWASP funded, managed, backed, guaranteed conferences, training, AppSec
events etc..etc.. and the  prominent and key element of future co-marketing
events agreements for OWASP.  If we can not feature a OWASP project at the
event the agreement is denied to have OWASP cross promoted to its
membership to sell tickets... then it is *denied* that simple.

- register, manage and improve the workflow for the use of and metrics from
organizationally licensed, approved and authoritative process, tools in all
work related to "reviews"

- reevaluate staff alignments and assignments with the executive director
and recommend moving people around as needed to put the best players on the
field where they can best be utilized, measured and play a active and full
time role in the success of organization and projects while being
accountable and compensated accordingly.

- invest in the visibility of the OWASP projects with enhanced PR, Media,
Podcast, Project Leader Guest Blog posts and related outreach efforts all
for the purpose of driving new innovation.

- implement a reward system for anyone to address items/bugs/enhancement

- require that to unlock the full owasp resources that the requestors have
agreed to the community project terms and conditions for professionalism,
core values etc.

Cluster of firepower.  Note that three OWASP employees Claudia, Noreen and
Kelly all live less then (50) miles from me in Northern New Jersey and have
each been involved with active participation with the NYC chapter in full
operation recently. Kate is also just a short train ride from DC Metro and
could join when and as needed with limited costs for related travel and
AppSecUSA this year is in DC so WIN WIN.

Speaking of Governance

There was a active discussion about that too...  due to the fact that OWASP
members actually DO NOT vote for the positions of the candidates only that
they are members of the board of directors then OWASP should simply define
positions for 2016 as Board of Directors.

Each individual should work on tasks/projects/etc for the benefit of the
organization that is identified by consensus as areas of improvement and go
do it that is why they were elected.   Think about how easy it would be for
the global organization to get behind everyone globally. Then there still
needs to be a quorum when there is a board meeting and votes are votes

OWASP could then have  (7,9,11,13) Global Board Members (must be odd
number) + the regional appointed firepower to embark on the areas that
everyone is passionate about and best qualified to act on for the greater
good (there is only one mission).   Then by alignment business officers
report to the ED and ultimately the board. This is the most common approach
actually and with current staff makes it rather easy:

OWASP Executive Director - Paul Richie
OWASP Operating Officer - Kate Hartman
OWASP Financial Officer - Alison McNamee
OWASP General Council - 3rd party Perlman and Perlman <insert rep>

Governance, done...motion if required.  Now lets get back to fixing
projects and the core purpose of OWASP Foundation

Tom Brennan
Global Board of Directors
NYC/NJ Metro Chapter Leader

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 6:38 PM, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:

> So, to summarize, I hear:
>    - Matt = Chair
>    - Josh vs Tom = Vice Chair
>    - Andrew = Treasurer
>    - Jim = Secretary
>    - ? = Projects
>    - ? = Governance
>    - Michael = Chapters
> Tobias, what is your interest?  My pick if I weren't to be elected as Vice
> Chair would be Chapters or Governance.
> ~josh
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 1:16 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Matt,
>> I support your candidacy in 2016 as chair. I think you've demonstrated a
>> very good capability to run meetings, keep us on track and remain civil
>> even when under stress. Even when we disagree I think you've been very
>> reasonable.  I also like the idea of rotating the chair position yearly.
>> Aloha,
>> Jim
>> On 12/14/15 6:47 AM, Matt Konda wrote:
>> All,
>> I've thought about it, talked with several of you and I'm open to taking
>> on the chair role this year.
>> I do want to clarify that I see that as primarily a role that aims to
>> bring out the best in what you all (and the volunteers / staff) are already
>> bringing to the table by trying to make processes and communication clear.
>> I do understand the responsibilities and time commitments and I've
>> reconciled them with my overall priorities.  I'm lucky to be able to say
>> OWASP is a top priority and I'm confident I can give it the time and
>> attention it needs.  I will welcome your candid feedback throughout!
>> As far as the other roles, I haven't seen anything yet that doesn't make
>> sense to me.  I would like to see a strong advocate for Projects given our
>> recent feedback.
>> Regards,
>> Matt
>> On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 11:39 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:
>>> I would prefer the Secretary role and am not (at all) interested in the
>>> project role.  I am a project leader of several projects and have a
>>> conflict of interest here.
>>> I am very skilled at using the wiki, general organization, keeping track
>>> of notes, keeping the board calendar up to date for all and other necessary
>>> tasks.
>>> * I am also fond of Matt taking the lead as chair of the board. He has
>>> demonstrated excellent leadership skills on several fonts and think he
>>> would do great here. I also like the precedent of changing the chair
>>> position yearly.
>>> * Andrew would be an excellent Treasurer.
>>> I'm flexible on the other roles.
>>> Aloha,
>>> - Jim
>>> On 12/9/15 6:28 PM, Josh Sokol wrote:
>>> I think you would be an excellent choice for Treasurer, Andrew, and
>>> would support that.
>>> My nomination would be:
>>>    - Matt = Chair
>>>    - Josh = Vice Chair
>>>    - Andrew = Treasurer
>>>    - Tobias = Secretary
>>>    - Jim = Projects
>>>    - Tom = Governance
>>>    - Michael = Chapters
>>> If I were not to be Vice Chair this year, I would be interested in
>>> Chapters or Governance.
>>> ~josh
>>> On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 8:08 PM, Andrew van der Stock <
>>> <vanderaj at owasp.org>vanderaj at owasp.org> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Many of you know that I've sounded you out privately for your
>>>> intentions, and this was an action item for the meeting so we can get it
>>>> voted on as the first item in our January meeting.
>>>> Getting straight to business: I think it would be useful if each of us
>>>> could put down our first and second preferences, and if there is a
>>>> contested position, as I'm sure there will be, we vote to decide these
>>>> contested roles and give a consent vote for the uncontested roles.
>>>> I would like to nominate for the treasurer role. My second preference
>>>> would be for the newly created "Projects" at large position, as both of
>>>> these are relevant to my interests in the coming year.
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Andrew
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