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cc the leaders list,

Topic: OWASP (code) projects

I believe that the OWASP code projects are in crisis. Maybe other types as
well, but I'll let other more knowledgeable people speak for those.
I think that code projects bring significant benefits to OWASP, but
unfortunately they are much less tangible than the money that conferences
bring in.
I think that code projects are poorly supported by OWASP, particularly
large and active projects like ZAP.
I would like to know if the board is happy with the current state of
affairs re code projects.
If they are unhappy then I would like to know if they think anything should
change, particularly with respect to the amount of time and money that is
invested in them.

Topic: Communications with employees and contributors

We've just seen a valued and very active contributor leave OWASP, and it
appears that the nature of recent email discussions was a major
contributing factor.
We've also had a well publicised incident in the past whereby an employee
left in which email discussions appear to have also played a significant
I think its fair to say that in both cases the individuals have expressed
that they did not think that they were treated with the respect that they
Does the board accept that we might have an issue regarding email
discussions getting out of hand?
If so, does the board propose to do anything about it?
Hint: perhaps an external organisation could provide valuable advise and
guidance here?

I look forward to hearing if these topics are discussed at the next board
meeting and what the conclusions are, if any.

Leaders - feel free to chip in with your thoughts...



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