[Owasp-board] Recording the Email Vote on Fabio Attendance

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Sun Aug 30 21:38:42 UTC 2015

Hi Paul,

could you please document this vote on our vote history page.
Thanks, Tobias

On 25/08/15 17:34, Paul Ritchie wrote:
> Hi All:    While we have an on-going discussion about modifying the 
> current language in the Bylaws about Board attendance, I do want to 
> record this email vote of confidence for the record on the wiki.
> FYI to all, I am recording (1) abstention, plus 6 votes of confidence, 
> including Fabio's own commitment to continue attending.
> Paul.......as a follow up to this email below from yesterday.
>       Josh Sokol
> Aug 22 (3 days ago)
> to Andrew, OWASP
> Matt still hasn't checked in, but with votes of CONFIDENCE by Jim, 
> Andrew, Michael, Tobias, and myself, there is no way that half of the 
> votes could be achieved for removal and an overall vote of CONFIDENCE 
> in Fabio has been recorded.  Matt, would you like to record a vote for 
> the official record? Paul, can you please make sure to include this in 
> the list of Board votes?  Thanks.
> I will start a separate thread for discussion on a Bylaw change now 
> that this situation has been handled.
> ~josh
> Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
> OWASP Executive Director
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