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Wed Aug 19 20:17:02 UTC 2015


When we start pushing initiatives at OWASP it is imperative we state 
conflict of interests along the way.

Every time training comes up, I do my best to state a conflict of 
interest and/or recuse myself from that voting.

Fabio, you were and are pushing training initiatives at OWASP. In a big 
way, you want us to move into the "deliver commercial training".

However, when you went though this process and asked us to vote on these 
new training initiatives, you never stated that you were a ISC(2) 
official trainer, which was quite a surprise to me when I saw this 
advertisement (see below) on the NYC OWASP lists.

So Fabio, please. If you are going to continue to push training 
initiatives at OWASP, it's imperative you state your conflict of 
interest as a "official certified instructor for ISC(2)" and keep away 
from votes of that nature.

Thank you.
- Jim

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In less then 30-days in midtown New York City the NYC chapter will be 
hosting a 5-Day Bootcamp for the ISC(2) CSSLP space is limited register 

Developing an application security program in your organization Reducing 
production costs, application vulnerabilities and delivery delays 
Enhancing the credibility of your organization and its development team 
Reducing loss of revenue and reputation due to a breach resulting from 
insecure software

Details: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/NYC/training/CSSLP

Trainer: Fabio Cerullo, CISSP, CSSLP

Title: Authorized (ISC)² Instructor Professional

Profile:  Fabio Cerullo, CISSP, CSSLP is an official certified 
instructor for (ISC)2, the global leader in information security 
education and certification. Fabio has over 14 years of experience in 
the information security field gained across a diverse range of 
industries ranging from financial and government institutions to
software houses and start-ups.

As a member of the OWASP Foundation, Fabio is part of the Global Board 
whose mission is to help individuals and organizations strengthen their 
application security posture and build fruitful relationships with 
governments, industry and educational institutions.

He is a regular speaker at events organised by OWASP, ISACA and (ISC)2 
among others; and provides commentary and written articles for 
specialised industry media (Computer Weekly, Infosecurity magazine,
SiliconRepublic.com <http://SiliconRepublic.com>, etc)

He holds a Msc in Computer Engineering from UCA and the CISSP & CSSLP 
certifications from (ISC)2.

Jim Manico
Global Board Member
OWASP Foundation
Join me at AppSecUSA 2015!

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