[Owasp-board] OWASP Bylaws Document - 5 May 2015 Approved

Paul Ritchie paul.ritchie at owasp.org
Thu Aug 13 21:14:37 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew:

As a follow-up to yesterday's OWASP Board call, here is the MS word version
of the current, approved OWASP Bylaws.

OWASPBylawsOfficial-w5May2015 Update:  is the original approved version
dated as of April 7, 2014 WITH the "markup changes" that the Board approved
on May 5, 2015 via unanimous email vote.    See pages 4-5 for the approved
changes highlighted in YELLOW.

OWASPBylawsOfficial-5May2015CLEAN:  is the file with the May 5, 2015 Board
approved changes ADDED and Change Marks removed.

Our 2 actions moving forward.

1.  Review the Clean version and verify only Board approved changes were
made.  If Yes, then this would get posted to the wiki as the most current
version, in PDF format.

2.  Use CLEAN version for next set of edits and comments to be shared with
Board and Governance list.  Goal is to have discussion prior to Sept. 25
board meeting, with review of 'vetted & discussed' bylaw updates during
Sept. 25 meeting.

Andrew, hope this helps move the process forward.
Cheers, paul

Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
OWASP Executive Director
paul.ritchie at owasp.org
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