[Owasp-board] Proposal: Eliminate Restriction on Account Balance for Community Engagement Funding

Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Wed Apr 29 20:36:38 UTC 2015


In light of today's decision to move forward with the proposal for the
OWASP Summer of Code providing access to $12,000 in funds for all projects
regardless of their account balance, I would like to propose a change to
our Community Engagement Funding policy along these lines as well:


Specifically, I see no reason why if account balance is not a factor taken
into consideration for determining who receives funds for the Summer of
Code, we should consider it as a factor for any Community Engagement
project of value.  Therefore, I propose that we eliminate any such limiting
language from the Community Engagement Funding page and simply leave the
decision up to our Operations Team to determine whether the funding is
available and provides enough merit in order to be funded.  This would be
removing/modifying the following two bullet points from that page:

   - Primary funding would be deducted from the local chapter budget (if
   the activity is supporting the local chapter).
      - Should be removed completely.
      - A chapter without sufficient funds (or initiative not tied to the
   chapter) may request funding from the foundation "Community Engagement"
   fund. These funds are available on a first come-first serve basis.
      - The first sentence needs to be removed.  Keep the second sentence.

Just as Fabio had concerns about projects not wanting to spend their money
on this because they had other things in their sights, our chapters have
these same concerns.  We should be encouraging all OWASP participants to
innovate and use the allotted Foundation funds to do so without tying them
down to any sort of account balances.  This has the added benefit of
ensuring that these community funds are used up each year and do not go
unspent (as I believe they have been underutilized in the past).


Josh Sokol
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