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Subject: Public Apology + Strategy
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Hi folks,

As per my private comments, I'd like to apologise once again -because
it's never enough! ;)- here:

I would like to publicly apologise to: Johanna, Colm, Simon and every
other OWASP mentor who might have been offended by my previous comments,
I was too stressed and did not watch my language, please ignore those
comments and please forgive me.

When I see someone down-ranking one of our top guys with a "1", I hope
you understand that I am a bit upset (please only use "1" or "2" for
"spammy" or "very weak" proposals respectively), whoever you are, you
are fighting the wrong fight, look @ my strategy below, let's fight
together not against each other please!

re Strategy:

Google allocates 1 slot for every 2 mentors. Given that we have 88
proposals, *mentors* is our next cap for slots, our limit is *44* slots if
we had 88 OWASP mentors registered (44!!!). I am told we have 50 mentors
registered, keep them coming! (that is 25 slots!)
If you are a project leader this year, I would like to encourage you to
focus on getting more mentors (constructive) instead of down-ranking
good proposals from the "competition" (destructive), so that you cover
the MAX slots you could possibly handle in your project. This will
ensure all OWASP projects have a chance!

What I have done about it:
OWTF has 30 confirmed mentors so far, this means that, OWTF has
*created* 15 OWASP slots, which is 7 *more* than the MAX OWTF could
possibly handle (8, and we are not sure about 1 of those yet :P).
In other words: OWTF has created 7 slots for *other* OWASP projects.

I have killed myself to achieve this, and I hope OWTF is not viewed as:
"the nasty OWASP project that takes all slots and leaves other OWASP
projects with nothing"
but as:
"the OWASP project that worked hard to generously create slots for
*other* OWASP projects, in addition to covering its own MAX slots possible"

We took 5 out of 11 OWASP slots last year (1 student was lost in the
de-dup process later), this kicked other OWASP projects out of "slot
range" and I understand some OWASP mentors might view us as a threat
this year because of that.
Now please, this year is different, we are creating slots for
*ourselves* + *other* OWASP projects

All OWASP projects deserve a chance, but all GSoC candidates that fought
their proposals with passion deserve a chance too, with enough slots,
all OWASP projects AND amazing GSoC candidates can be happy, please fight
right fight and get more mentors for your project.

Thank you everybody,


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