[Owasp-board] Background check for Global Board members

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Sep 22 15:44:09 UTC 2014

My initial reaction is yes, but we may have to set new bylaws restricting
board seats to non-felons... or similar.

Jim Manico
(808) 652-3805

On Sep 22, 2014, at 5:25 AM, Fabio Cerullo <fcerullo at owasp.org> wrote:


As we are gradually becoming more involved with government bodies in the US
and abroad, I think is important to run a background check for new and
current Global Board members going forward.

Here is some background info on the subject:

*Background Checks, Screening and Your Nonprofit*

*Screening and Background Checking*

Please let me know your thoughts.


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