[Owasp-board] Question about AppSec regulations

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Mon Oct 13 19:04:56 UTC 2014


Currently, the chapters of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are
organizing the AppSec-Eu/Research 2015.

A question that came up during the recent AppSec-US has been raised again
on mailing and twitter:
OWASP does not fund travel and lodging for regular conference speakers,
only the keynote speakers the travel and lodging paid.

We are currently looking into possibilities of paying (limited) travel
expenses and / or lodging.
As, if we as the current organizing team, would change the rules about
this, this would be expected to be continued for future AppSec's. Therefore
we ask your opinion as board of the foundation, what are your opinion about:

Option 1: Lodging (hotel) paid by the conference
Option 2: Lodging (hotel) paid by the conference plus limited travel
Option 3: Keep as is, no lodging of travel paid

Just a quick sum:
2 days x 4 parallel tracks x  6 spakers: = 48 times expenses
Option 1: 1 night about 100 Euro, total about 9600 Euros (paying two nights)
Option2: Top the expenses at from Europe to 500 Euro, Out of Europe: 1000
Assuming 3/4 of the speakers being form Europe, 1/4 from out of Europe (and
max expenses used):
36 * 500 = 18000
12 * 1000 = 12000
Hotel expenses: 9600
Total: 39600 Euro

For sure, option 2 would have a serious impact in the budget and cannot be
done without serious increase the ticket price
Option 1 is still a major post of the budget.

Looking forward to hear your opinion!

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