[Owasp-board] Input Request - OWASP 2015 Strategic Goals

Paul Ritchie paul.ritchie at owasp.org
Wed Nov 19 21:59:46 UTC 2014

To OWASP Board Group List:

At our last Board call on November 12, there was strong interest in
starting the 2015 Strategic Planning process.  With this email, I am
inviting all of you to review our 2014 goals and make recommendations on
Strategic Goals for 2015.

Shared document here.

There were some great ideas from the candidates for the Board election and
I've included them on this email.
Everyone - If you add ideas or goals, please follow the template of Goal
Statement, Objective or Outcome, Metric, and Resource Requirement.  Add
comments for clarity as needed.

After initial ideas come in from our Board Group list, I'd like to query
our Chapters & Leaders list.....since their input is actually one of our
2014 goals.

Step 1 is to gather ideas and suggestions via this shared document.

Step 2 will be a narrowing or winnowing of the list to get our top 4-5
strategic goals so we properly focus valuable volunteer efforts &
Foundation funds on goals that best serve the community.

Best Regards, Paul Ritchie
OWASP Interim Executive Director
paul.ritchie at owasp.org
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