[Owasp-board] Additional Brand Abuse

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Sat Nov 15 02:13:12 UTC 2014


When we do a google search for "OWASP" I see that Acunetix is 
advertising that they are scanning for the OWASP Top Ten. The ad links 

I think this ad violates the following brand usage guidelines: 

5) The OWASP Brand must not be used in a manner that suggests that The 
OWASP Foundation supports, advocates, or recommends any particular 
product or technology.

7) The OWASP Brand must not be used in a manner that suggests that a 
product or technology can enable compliance with any OWASP Materials 
other than an OWASP Published Standard.


8) The OWASP Brand must not be used in any materials that could mislead 
readers by narrowly interpreting a broad application security category. 
For example, a vendor product that can find or protect against forced 
browsing must not claim that they address all of the access control 

I would like to file this with our compliance officer, but I think he is 
over-burdened right now. Do you think this is a clear violation and if 
so, should we approach them in a gentle way with suggestions to correct 


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