[Owasp-board] Recording of Sept 16, 2014 Board Meeting

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Thu Nov 13 23:13:48 UTC 2014


I'm catching up on email from my vacation. I saw a request/question for the
Sept 16 meeting recording. Here's the info I have:

- I started the meeting and hit record
- The account used is "owasp.foundation at owasp.org"
- Previously Sarah/Kate/Matt handled the movement of the recorded file to
the CDN. I'm not aware of the specifics of how this was done.
- According to GoToMeeting website the call is correctly recorded and
available (see screenshot)

It seems the next steps are the normal processing and movement that our OPs
team handles.

Let me know if I'm needed to check any other settings or info.

Michael Coates
Chairman, OWASP Board
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