[Owasp-board] PROPOSAL: Solicit Feedback on Roles in OWASP Foundation Decision Making Process

Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Wed May 7 14:29:08 UTC 2014


Lately, we've seen a number of different issues relating to things like
empowerment (or lack thereof), confusion over roles, etc.  We've received
feedback from a number of different individuals as to what they believe
should be the case, but I don't want this to be a case where the loudest
person is the one who wins.  Thus, I would like to propose that we survey
the OWASP community for feedback as to what roles we want the various OWASP
stakeholders to play in our decision-making process.

In my management training at National Instruments, they coached us on a
model that I think could be very useful to hash this out.  The model is
called "RAPID" and this site has a great description of what it means:


To summarize, there are 5 roles in the decision making process:

   1. Recommend
   2. Approve
   3. Perform
   4. Input
   5. Decide

What I'd like to do is inquire with the community in each area of OWASP,
what they feel should be the role of the Board, the ED, the staff, the
leaders, the community at large, and maybe even vendors.  We can apply this
methodology to just about any area of the OWASP Foundation.  Things like
Chapter Leadership, Project Management, Governance, Conferences, Bylaws,
etc.  So, for example:

> In regards to making amendments to the OWASP Foundation Bylaws, what do
> you believe should be the roles of the following:
> OWASP Board
> OWASP Executive Director
> OWASP Staff
> OWASP Leaders
> OWASP Global Community
> OWASP Sponsors
> The Global Community
I would hope that, if done right, the result of this type of survey would
be a pretty clear consensus as to what roles our various stakeholders play
in each process.  No more guess-work.  I'm curious as to how others would
feel about adopting this model?

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